DinkiDi Acoustic

Presented by Graham Healey

Every month our friend, Mr. Graham Healey, puts together a line up of some wonderful acoustic talent. The players can be well known, from a group or just wanting to play. Come join us in the lounge for a delightful evening of music and song.


A rare Sydney musical venue without the intrusion of mics or amps; an experience not to be missed. The cosy and friendly, "dinkidiacoustic" nights at -The CAMELIA GROVE HOTEL, Alexandria where you might see established performers like Kristina Olsen, Margret roadknight, Dave Tice, Bernie Hayes, Robert Susz; Chris Turner, Leanne Paris, Dennis Aubrey, Genevieve Maynard, Peter Miller Robinson, Men with Day Jobs, Blind Lemon Chicken. Jim Finn, Bruce Bongers, Geoff Cartwright and many others. Add to this the unknowns of all ages and genres who often provide outstanding performances making for the perfect night out, -- and yet still be home in time for 'Media Watch'.
Since: January 07, 2010 Players List Includes: Guest artists to date in order of appearance: David Weir; Bernie Hayes; Chrissie Pearce; "Lyrebird"; Dennis Aubrey; Justie Hayes; Chris Turner; "Dave Tice; Leanne Paris; Adam Pringle; Peter Miller-Robinson; Genevieve Maynard; "Blind Lemon Chicken", "Men With Day Jobs"; Kristina Olsen; "Dave Tice Band"; Geoff Cartwright; Husband Family Snez; Brendan Gallagher; Margret Roadknight; Jim Finn; "Jewel Tones"; Robert Susz


Influences: Every Style Imaginable. Sounds Like: A bloody good night out where the instruments and vocalists can be heard and understood. Superb audience.


DinkiDi Acoustic Contact: Graham Healy for further information on performing